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Tim Scott Whaley

As the FOUNDER & CEO of EVCHARG>EN and EV CONSTRUCTORS GROUP LLC (EVCG), Tim has become increasingly aware of the need to create a partnership with Qualified Electric Vehicle Electrical Contractors who furnish and install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Residential Homes, Hotels, Multi-Family Apartments, Retail Centers, Restaurants, Office Buildings and Municipalities throughout the World. EVCG continually looks for Electric Vehicle Charging Manufacturers that provide optimal charging solutions for both short and long-term periods while clients go about their business. Tim will be responsible for leading and facilitating the direction of the entire organization.

EVCHARG>EN is fully engaged within the Electric Vehicle Charging Market. EVCG will provide and grant Marketing Communication Agreements to Register Qualified EV Electricians who can Advise, Furnish, and Install Electric Vehicle Charging stations and offer viable solutions to the end users. EVCG and Professional Electricians mission is to make the entire process of purchasing, installing, and servicing new charging stations as seamless as possible. 

Over the past 45 years Tim has held Management Positions and Founded two Glass Recycling Companies; EnviroGLAS and GLASS RECYCLED. Tim has facilitated countless educational and training presentations as well as conducting AIA CEU courses and seminars for the Architectural, Interior Designer and Owner communities. Tim is a visionary with accomplishments in glass recycling programs, brand marketing, operations, and sales management. Tim has been recognized and has received honors and awards including the: Texas 2003 Closing the Loop Award, National Recycling Coalition 2006 Outstanding Market Development Award, Texas 2006 Environmental Excellence Award, and the 2010 Michigan State University Outstanding Alumni Award.

Scott Westerman; Past Executive Director of the Michigan State University Alumni Association

Tim has an extraordinary portfolio of skills and a record of delivering world-class results. I've known Tim for a decade and have watched him build and grow successful businesses, create innovative products, and exceed expectations at every turn. What sets Tim apart from the pack is purpose. Everything he undertakes has a common goal: To build a more sustainable world. The guy lives on the extra mile, is constantly thinking of new ways to approach what seem like insurmountable challenges and leads his teams by example. He is worked side-by-side with customers and colleagues to fully understand how to overdeliver. Whether it's inspiring us to reach our potential or tackling the toughest problems, Tim does everything with energy, enthusiasm, and an attitude that no problem exists that can't be solved. It was an honor to share his orbit. I highly recommend him as a leader, a visionary, a sales and marketing guru, and expert in operation!

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