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EVCHARG>EN's Marketing Communications service is designed to help electricians grow their businesses and expand their client base. We offer financial incentives, professional development opportunities, lead generation CRM, marketing and sales support, networking opportunities, collaboration opportunities, referral incentives, and targeted marketing campaigns that highlight electricians' performance and skill sets.

Our scripted public relations campaigns, first-class marketing collateral, project profiles for electrical contractors, onsite project installation videos, media coverage from local and national news networks, electrical contractor awards, and personalized merchandising help electricians promote their services and attract new customers.


Financial Incentives: 

  • Offering bonuses or commission structures that reward electricians for meeting certain growth targets or taking on additional projects can be a strong motivator.

Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Providing access to training and educational resources that help electricians improve their skills and stay up to date with industry trends can help them grow their businesses.
  • Provide training and certification programs: Electric vehicle (EV) charging installation requires specific skills and knowledge. Offer training and certification programs to educate and prepare electricians for EV charging station installation.
  • Collaborate with trade schools and vocational schools: Partner with trade schools and vocational schools to integrate EV charging installation into their curriculums, ensuring a steady stream of qualified electricians.
  • Incentivize electricians to specialize in EV charging: Offer bonuses, higher pay, or specialized benefits to electricians who specialize in EV charging installation.
  • Utilize online resources: Offer online resources and training material, such as webinars, to electricians who want to learn more about EV charging installation.
  • Partner with EV charging companies: Partner with EV charging companies to provide hands-on training and job placement opportunities for electricians.
  • Create partnerships with local governments: Encourage local governments to invest in EV charging infrastructure and work with them to ensure there is a pool of qualified electricians to install the charging stations.

Lead Generation CRM:

  • Providing electricians with a steady stream of leads from potential customers can help them expand their client base and grow their business.

Marketing – Sales Support:

  • Offering marketing resources and support, such as website development, digital advertising, and public relations, can help electricians promote their services and attract new customers.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Providing electricians with opportunities to network with other professionals in their industry can help them make new connections and find new business opportunities.

Collaboration Opportunities:

  • Encouraging electricians to collaborate on projects with other professionals can help them expand their skills and reach new customers.

Referral Incentives:

  • Offering rewards for referrals from satisfied customers can encourage electricians to promote their business to others.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns: 

  • Create targeted market communication programs that highlight Electricians Performance and Skill Sets.

Ø Scripted Public Relations Campaigns

Ø First Class Marketing Collateral

Ø Project Profiles for Electrical Contactors

Ø Onsite Project Installation Videos

Ø Media Coverage from Local and National News Networks

Ø Electrical Contractor Awards

Ø Personalized Merchandising

Ø Vehicle Advertising > Wrap Installations

Ø Number of Projects Completed Incentives

Ø Provide Website Development and Design Options

Ø Provide CRM (Customer Relations Management) Alternative Platforms

Ø Provide KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Ø Professional Membership Clubs i.e., Founders Club, GymPass

Ø Outsource and Automate HR / Payroll, Financial Services, IT Solutions

Ø Trade Show Participation, Electrical Association Memberships

Ø Educational Seminars, Workshops, Onsite Demonstrations

Ø Equipment Purchasing Programs

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