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ReimburseEV Launched for Employee EV Charging of Fleet Vehicles at Home

ReimburseEV Launched for Employee EV Charging of Fleet Vehicles at Home

ReimburseEV Launched for Employee EV Charging of Fleet Vehicles at Home

MoveEV has launched its new ReimburseEV software, which enables companies to reimburse their employees for the real costs of charging fleet vehicles at home. This solution has been designed to make reimbursing for charging at home simple and hassle-free for both employees and employers. ReimburseEV software is charger-agnostic, calculates monthly reimbursement, generates IRS-compliant receipts, helps employers track program metrics, and creates year-end reports for easy tax filing.

While a company fuel card allows EV drivers to refuel on the go, MoveEV saw a need for a new solution to reimburse employees for the real costs of charging their fleet vehicle while at home. With just a few clicks, employees can set up an account and start getting reimbursed for charging at home - no new dedicated meter or smart charging stations are required. Using electricity and fleet vehicle-specific data, MoveEV’s ReimburseEV calculates the appropriate monthly reimbursement and generates an IRS-compliant digital receipt, which is available for download and submission in minutes.

The ReimburseEV admin portal allows companies to manage all receipts, track program metrics, and generate and export reports for easy tax filing. The software can be integrated with third-party systems such as Concur and Geotab, and custom integrations are also available allowing reimbursing at-home charging to be seamlessly integrated into any company system or workflow.

“Any organization that wants fleet drivers to be driving electric vehicles should be compensating them for charging at home as part of the program,” said David Lewis, founder of MoveEV. “We wanted to make that simple for both companies and their employees. ReimburseEV is a purpose-built solution we created together with our clients, and the reception has been phenomenal. We are excited to be able to offer this important functionality to others.”

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