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Mexico City is Committed to Green Mobility and Urban Innovation

Mexico City is Committed to Green Mobility and Urban Innovation

Mexico  has been finalizing a series of agreements that make the country one of the most prominent in terms of electromobility on the continent. However, the biggest adoption challenges are the lack of knowledge about new technologies; infrastructure challenges, and the need for changes in culture, as well as the low priority that some governments assign to this area.

The “2023 Tour” of Latam Mobilitywill present a series of panels dedicated to specific topics, which seek to highlight the progress, challenges and opportunities in the different sectors that encompass sustainable mobility in each of the countries it visits, and Mexico is part of the vanguard in the region.

In addition, "Latam Mobility: México 2023" will have workshops, private workshops with specialized content related to fleet management, smart charging, safety in electric vehicles, among others, as well as spaces dedicated to facilitating networking and continuing to promote the development of mobility. sustainable mobility.

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Date: October 10 and 11
Place: World Trade Center in Mexico City

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