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Integrating EV Charging as a Service into Your Business Strategy Is a Wise Choice

Integrating EV Charging as a Service into Your Business Strategy Is a Wise Choice

  • According to Atlas Public Policy, the U.S. EV market share reached 12% in December 2023, an astounding new record.
  • The number of American EV drivers is quickly growing each year, along with ever-growing investments in EV charging.
  • Businesses that install EV charging enjoy many benefits, including attracting more and more new customers every year.

Electric vehicle fever is sweeping the nation. This exciting new technology is disrupting the automotive industry to a level never seen before. According to Atlas Public Policy, an analytics firm specializing in alternative fuel vehicle financing, policy, and technology, American EV market share reached 12% in December 2023, a new record. It’s very clear that the EV revolution is here to stay and that gas-powered vehicles will become a thing of the past. Is your business ready to invest in EV charging stations? There are countless benefits of installing EV charging as a service for more businesses.

Nearly any business can benefit from adding EV charging as a value-added service. Unlike gas vehicles, EVs can be charged anywhere that there’s electric power available and that a vehicle can park. This opens tremendous business opportunities. Charging as a service is an option if the property owner wants to streamline the process and have the management and maintenance handled for them.

“Dwell time” is discussed frequently in the EV charging industry. It means the time that EV drivers spend waiting for their vehicles to charge. Nearby businesses benefit from this, as EV drivers can go shopping, have meals or snacks, or otherwise make purchases at businesses located near the EV charger, while waiting for their EVs to charge.

Types of Businesses That Could Benefit from EV Charging as a Service

Professional Offices

Lawyers, accountants, and professionals of all types would benefit by installing EV charging at their offices. In-person meetings at offices like these require clients to stay at the location before and during their appointments. If these clients can get something else done, such as charging their vehicles while waiting, they’ll be happier and more satisfied with the service.

Automotive Dealerships

Dealers who embrace EVs and make it a specialty will gain market share as the EV market grows. Automotive industry analysts recommend that dealers install EV charging since that will attract EV owners to the location, creating new sales prospects. It can be used for training new EV customers and staff as well. Charging as a service can save dealerships money by avoiding installation and maintenance costs. Opening the chargers to the public offers the dealership another way to monetize.

Retail, Food Service, and Hospitality Industries

Retail is a notably good location for EV charging. The “dwell time” that EV charging users experience while charging their EVs means valuable foot traffic to nearby businesses that would not occur otherwise. It’s an excellent way to attract retail shoppers, restaurant customers, and hotel guests. Hotels are particularly good locations, as evidenced by major hotel chains in America starting to install EV charging. Because guests are there for at least one night, it’s an excellent way for them to charge up during a trip.

Airports and Travel/Tour Companies

Many airports now allow EV charging. There are not many locations that use Level 1 charging due to the slow charging times, but air travelers on multi-day trips are ideal customers for this. Tour companies are another great location for EV charging. While the tours are being conducted, EV drivers could be getting their vehicles charged.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are becoming a fast-growing location for EV charging, especially if other foot-traffic-friendly businesses are in the immediate area. EV charging is a great addition to the other fuels that a gas station offers, making it able to handle any kind of refueling and adding great value.

Commercial Property Owners

Regardless of the type of business a commercial property is leased or rented to, EV charging makes sense. Any business that customers, clients, or employees visit is a great candidate for EV charging, now and in the future, as the EV revolution grows quickly in America. Installing EV charging makes these properties more attractive to the companies that rent or lease them.

Doctors’ Offices, Hospitals, and Treatment Centers

Healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices are optimal locations for EV charging. Doctor visits, hospital stays, and inpatient treatments usually last over an hour, which is more than enough time to fully charge on Level 2 charging. Doctors and healthcare facilities that offer this will have a great selling point to attract new patients.

Supermarkets and Food Stores

Supermarkets are definitely great places to install charging as a service. The reason for this is that they attract lots of repeat customers from the local area. EV drivers will be naturally drawn to nearby supermarkets and food stores that offer EV charging. Those stores that don’t offer it could be losing more business every year as the EV revolution grows.

Multiple food store chains like Kroger and Whole Foods have already installed charging, and many are offering free charging as an incentive to draw customers away from other stores. This free charging has proven to be wildly successful.

Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing, such as condos, apartments, and residential buildings, is a fitting spot for EV charging and is a vastly under-served market. The federal government has recognized that the lack of multifamily EV charging is a significant barrier to EV adoption. For that reason, the government has released guidance and billions in federal funding to bolster the EV charging market and install charging at multifamily residences. By installing charging, multifamily property owners are increasing the value of their properties and can attract EV-owner residents, whose numbers continue to grow every year.

Libraries, Parks, and Community Centers

These are terrific for EV charging, as visitors typically stay for several hours. Any of these locations that install charging will stand out over other locations and gain more foot traffic.

All Employers

Workplace charging is an under-served segment of the EV charging industry. Employers who make EV charging available as a service to their workers will benefit in many ways. One way is the employer will stand out due to the charging availability, attracting top talent.

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