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In high school, the prevailing idea was "College is the only route to success." But we're now facing the repercussions of that misconception: a significant shortage of skilled tradespeople, and it's hitting hard.

Job sites are plastered with signs begging for skilled workers, and the urgency grows by the day. Tradespeople are retiring, and with fewer apprentices, we have more jobs available than we have people to fill them.

Here's The Truth: success isn't solely tied to a college degree. I've seen countless success stories in construction and other trades. College is not the only answer.

Also, let us think about what this means for housing; without a robust, skilled workforce, crucial projects like housing developments stall, worsening the housing crisis in the US. When the trades succeed, everyone benefits.

The bright side? Movements are working to show students alternative paths to success. This includes my company, with our UFP Business School, and national advocates like SkillsUSA, Carhartt, and Tractor Supply Company. Let's also thank local heroes like Steve Turner and Bring Back the Trades, Inc., for actively promoting trades as a career path. Please support them if you can because it's time to change the narrative and give the trades the recognition they deserve. We can only do this with your help!

Let's Help America Build!

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