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Google...Backed EV Charging Startup 'Gravity' Opens Fastest Public Chargers in the US

Google...Backed EV Charging Startup 'Gravity' Opens Fastest Public Chargers in the US

BY Scooter Doll

Gravity, a New York-based startup specializing in EV infrastructure, has opened a new public charging station, touted as the fastest in the US. 

With the ability to replenish up to 200 miles of range in a mere five minutes of charging, Gravity Inc.’s advanced technology will help get drivers back on roads more quickly, bringing the segment closer to time parity with traditional gas station visits.

Gravity Inc. is an EV startup focused on sustainable fleets and the infrastructure required to operate them. The New York-based strategy combines best-in-class mobility equipment and integrates software and customer interfaces to support drivers and passengers.

We first covered the startup in 2021 when it began rolling out a fleet of all-electric Mustang Mach-E yellow cabs around New York City. In addition to its EV taxis, Gravity partners with building owners and parking operators to implement electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support individual drivers and large EV fleets.

At the time, we learned that Gravity was planning to open what it called the “only true fast-charging site in Manhattan” to support its new all-electric yellow taxi fleet. By October 2023, Gravity released a full suite of 500kW EV chargers, easily the fastest non-trucking capabilities we’ve seen to date.

This technology caught the eye of Google Ventures (GV), who led a successful seed funding round for an undisclosed amount last November. With funds secured, Gravity has been able to roll out dozens of UL-Listed EV chargers in the US, providing the fastest speeds to the public starting today.

Gravity’s Brings the Fastest EV Charger to Drivers in NYC

Following an event held in Midtown Manhattan this morning, Gravity has opened access to 24 500kW EV charger systems – hailing them as the fastest in the United States. Beginning today, fleet, and commercial operators and EV owners can visit the Gravity Charging Center and test the technology for themselves.

Gravity states the new charging center exists in a parking garage through a partnership with Related Companies, in which the former mounted its ceiling-mounted 500kW Distributed Energy Access Points (DEAPs) within the footprint of existing parking spaces. Furthermore, Gravity says no utility upgrades were made to the building or surrounding grid, providing working evidence that installations are easily replicable at any parking site in the US.

That’s the plan, too. Gravity says it plans to accelerate EV adoption and the green transition of the electrical grid with charger equipment, which is the fastest. Faster than any competitor, including Tesla. Gravity CEO Moshe Cohen.

Cool development. I like the overhead charger cable setup. I've thought about doing something similar in our garage to manage cables overhead /out of the way (one level 1 and one level 2 charger) but haven't gotten around to it. Gravity says its 500kW EV chargers, which are about the size of a carry-on suitcase, can deliver up to 2,400 miles of range in a single hour or up to 200 miles in five minutes. While those charger speeds are the fastest in the US, most EVs can’t come close to reaching a 500kW rate while charging.

That said that much power and charging speed can equate to faster rates for all, ensuring each vehicle achieves its maximum rate. This is also encouraging technology for the future, as Gravity’s chargers will be able to continue delivering the fastest rates as EV platforms advance to handle higher speed caps.

Looking ahead, Gravity hopes to deploy thousands more fast chargers at new sites around the US each year but will require more funding to do so. Cohen said the company will continue fundraising efforts, exploring “quite of bit of interest” it has already received from potential suitors to expand nationally as soon as possible.

The Gravity Charging Center is located at 401-471 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10036. If you’re in the area, visit them and report back!

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