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Gage Zero and Hillwood to Develop Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Hub

Gage Zero and Hillwood to Develop Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Hub

Gage Zero LLC and Hillwood have officially announced their collaborative effort to establish the first public commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Texas, specifically designed for trucks and last-mile delivery fleets. This venture is set within the sprawling 27,000-acre AllianceTexas development, marking a significant stride towards sustainable logistics and infrastructure enhancement.

Key Highlights:

  • First Public Commercial EV Charging Facility: Aimed at trucks and last-mile fleets in Texas.
  • Location: Part of the AllianceTexas development, encompassing the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ).
  • Collaboration: Gage Zero, an expert in fleet electrification, partners with Hillwood, a leader in innovative development.
  • Impact: This project aims to bolster supply chain resilience, improve last-mile efficiency, and promote sustainability.
  • Commitment: Gage Zero’s dedication, supported by a $300 million commitment from ARC Financial Corp., focuses on reducing emissions from medium- and heavy-duty (M/HD) fleets.

This endeavor not only reflects Hillwood’s dedication to future-ready development but also aligns with Gage Zero’s mission to foster a zero-emission future. Located in the heart of AllianceTexas, the EV charging hub is poised to serve as a critical node in the logistics and transportation network, directly supporting the efficiency of first and last-mile delivery operations.

Russell Laughlin of Hillwood emphasized the initiative’s role in advancing sustainable solutions that cater to emerging supply chain challenges, aiming to enhance transportation efficiency significantly. Zeina El-Azzi of Gage Zero highlighted the partnership’s potential to set a standard for fleet electrification and sustainability efforts nationwide.

Gage Zero’s commitment to developing such infrastructure is further underscored by the environmental necessity, as M/HD vehicles, though few in number, are responsible for a disproportionate amount of transportation sector emissions.

About the Partners:

  • Gage Zero LLC is a pioneer in fleet electrification, driven by a vision for a cleaner planet and led by a team with extensive experience in deploying clean energy projects.
  • AllianceTexas represents an economic powerhouse, fostering global connectivity and innovation through its comprehensive infrastructure and strategic partnerships.

This collaboration between Gage Zero and Hillwood at AllianceTexas not only signifies a leap towards sustainable development but also serves as a blueprint for future projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the logistics and transportation sectors.

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