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Rev Up report on a nationwide survey on #EV shopping behavior in the US reveals:

Only 34% of car dealers in the US did have an EV available for sale. The rest 66% did not have a single EV available for sale.

Supply chain, inventory issues, and automaker allocation of EVs to dealerships created EV availability barriers. Of the 66% of car dealerships that did not have an EV for sale, 44% reported they would offer an EV for sale if they could get one.

Some other reasons mentioned by the dealership on why they are not offering EVs:

They haven't gotten into selling EVs just yet. They are not ready to move forward towards electrification, but they are thinking about it.

No available chargers or charging infrastructure.

US Dealerships in the Southeast region had a higher percentage of dealers with an available EV for sale. However, the West region sells many more EVs and makes up a larger share of the EV market.

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