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BorgWarner Expands Investments into Mexico to Promote Electric Mobility

BorgWarner Expands Investments into Mexico to Promote Electric Mobility

After announcing the construction of a factory to produce battery systems in Brazil , the US automotive supplier BorgWarner increases its investments in Mexico to continue establishing itself in Latin America. In the last three months alone, the company has invested more than 100 million dollars in the country to transform its production processes.

Xavier Galindo Valdés , director of human resources at BorgWarner , highlighted that, due to the specialization in its processes, the complex located in the industrial park of the Coahuila region , was the one they chose for the implementation of a totally electric process.

"This project will consist of the manufacture of cooling plates for electric car batteries, which optimizes the operation of electrical units ," he said in statements reviewed by the México Industry portal.

Growth and Resources

During its activity in the Mexican region, BorgWarner has invested 54 million dollars , generating 280 additional direct jobs to those they already had. Galindo stated that these achievements have been achieved thanks to the community that they have formed with their collaborators, for which he highlighted that in the last seven years they have been certified as a socially responsible company.

He explained that some of the products that are also manufactured in its operations center in Mexico are turbochargers , exhaust gas management systems and induction coils for light and heavy vehicles . The executive concluded that the support of the authorities has been vital for the company to consolidate in the entity and for this reason he assured them that they can continue to count on BorgWarner to continue generating quality and well-paid jobs.

Panorama in Mexico

The Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA) assures that the electrification of the automotive sector would contribute in a broad way to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Given this scenario, the organization proposes that it is necessary to implement a strategy for the electrification of the fleet and comprehensive sustainable mobility that contemplates the different means of transport and is accompanied by a low-carbon production of electricity and hydrogen (Paris Declaration of Electric Mobility and Climate Change and Call to Action, 2015).

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